IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


Collectors of antiquities.
Renowned for eccentricities
are very often to be found
hanging round some battle ground

Dug up by archaelogists.
For whom they are apologists,
they are ready to accept.
Some archaeologists’ concept,

his latest greatest theory
of what some artefact might be.
Although in truth they do not know.
They will insist it must be so.

Professional experts every one
who are convinced that they are right.
They make deductions based upon
false premises to my delight.

They either can’t or won’t admit
that their opinions might be wrong.
They are convinced and that is it
The rest of us should go along.

With what they say no argument.
What can we know which they do not.
They’re sometimes right by accident
but just as often they are not.

The Piltdown man a clever hoax
fooled all the experts for decades.
Yet still some of these learned folks
do not believe mistakes are made.

I often watch with interest
the TV documentaries.
Which put their ideas to the test
and prove they’re only theories.

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Well put Ivor! Makes you wonder! Keep em coming! (10) ! Thad