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~ Pour My Heart Out..

I've got my guard up at the moment..
I'm falling apart behind each smile and laughter.
Heart is slowly fadin away.

But when the moment you stepped in..
I felt myself pickin up the pieces..once again..
Before you could see me..

I'm tryin to hide away,
The pain, the memories.
The regrets I've had.

Will you help me become whole again?
Will you help heal this heart of mines?

I know I wont be able to love like I once did..
But you make me want to..
I know I dont say the things I'm suppose to..
But One day.. I'll call you up, and Tell you all the things I write.

One day, I'll pour my heart and soul out to you..
when my guard is down..
I'm finally findin my way around..
My heart taped up, and mending with each song you sing for me each day..
I promise you this.. I'll pour my heart out..
to you babe..

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This certainly sounds like a lyric to a rock tune... i cannot wait to read your work when you are a 'real' grown-up.... you do this well.
I like this poem. It's a damn good write. You're a fantastic writer and you have a hella lot of talent! Keep them coming! Peace out, Lexi Baby