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Pouring It Out
TE (December 27,1985 / )

Pouring It Out

Poem By Tessa Eichhorst

I'm ready to give in, ready to let go;
I'm laying it all on the line. It's been
too long since I've laid out my feelings,
my cares, my fears, and my pain.

I'm giving my inner self to you, and
wanting nothing in return; just listen
to me. Never before have I gone this long
without pouring it all out. Stress, pain,
and fear has abundantly taken upon my soul.

I feel as if I can't breath until all this is written
out and shared aloud. It is you that demands
my time, my effort, my perfection, and my
life. I'm sorry but I've decided not to give
you the satisfaction of having all of that;
I have a life without you.

Soon this will all be over and everything
will be normal again. I will have you to
thank for future success, but no longer will
you weigh heavily on my mind, my heart.

I just poured out my soul to you and I
want nothing in return, so please leave me
alone. I'm done pouring my soul out to you.

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