A Boozer's Joy

There comes the evening, unrolling its silken cover.
The dark deepens; noise recedes into the distance.
I’m alone, left to myself and the sinking silence.
Slowly a feeling of loneliness creeps within me.
I reach out to my beloved brand of whisky,
open the bottle, pour a drink and gulp it down;
then another peg and I trip into a mood of booze.
Drink-fuelled happiness insulates me from worries,
releases pent-up feelings on flights of imagination.
Self-esteem gets a boost over self-denial.
It’s an illusion that evaporates as I hit the bed.
When I wake up the morning after with hangover,
I peep into the mirror and see in my glassy eyes
sobriety treading on the heels of inebriated joy.

by Ajit Das

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poverty..... God loves poverty. thank you dear Genovamaaa
By accepting the presence of material things in our life, the whole world is ours and we lose the shackles and chains which materialism binds us in, resulting in each of us being a free spirit in a world filled with freedom. Thus, the self moves into its natural spiritual orbit, closer to God. 'Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of God': Matthew 5: 3 A very thought provoking succinct gem, which gives the reader a recipe for a fulfilled and happy life, free from care and worry about material things in life. Thank you for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy. Beautiful poem!