Poverty Is A Gift

Father, poverty is a gift
Ask any bird taking a rain bath.
Son, don't make's me laugh
There's nothing but rain
Poverty isn't a gift
There's nothing but pain.
So son fastens your reigns
Ride for them riches today
Don't live by wage's daily
Paid only once monthly
Father poverty is a gift.
Son nothing is ever enough,
Just ask your mum.

by Mark Heathcote

Comments (24)

Poverty is certainly an addiction, but I don't know if it is a gift. Since it makes your mind and your decisions have to work a certain way……once habituated, it is an addiction. Hard to break out of.
Poverty is a gift when it helps you to appreciate comfort & things when you do have them! It is the gift of gratitude but poverty that perpetuates and you can't get out of, can cause pain and suffering! Nice write!
'Poverty is a gift or poverty isn't a gift' can be a point of debate or a question of attitude. The poem brings into focus the age of materialism. Thanks for this thought provoking poem.
The son is right. Poverty is a gift. It opens the soul, it gives insight to many truths.
A dialogue between father and son, in which I think the father is right and certainly more wordly-wise than the son. I think that poverty can be a gift-but only up to a point.
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