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Poverty Of Mind
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Poverty Of Mind

You may be materially successful and doing well financially
But if you are narrow in your thinking you suffer of mind poverty
Not generous in your ways it does seem by your own narrow guidelines you do live
You find it so easy to receive but you find it so hard for to give
On your way to your fifth million in money yet you are quite poor in your mind
I do feel a bit sorry for you and for everyone of your kind
The pleasure one does find in giving on such you could never believe
You are a poor person in some ways since you are only happy to receive
The World not much better for you living in it though with that you would not agree
In your ways you are very ordinary that is how it does seem to me
Though you lack in kindness and compassion and these are two great gifts indeed
Those who judge success in ways material would see you as one who succeed
But it is not a good reflection on humanity that your type are not hard to find
And sad to say so many like you who are very poor in the mind.

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