Destruction holds a cup of potent brew
Distilled in copper vats of vice and crime
Bottled and banded by souls of men
Aged since the fall of Adam
The content of this cup erodes the soul;
Scripts the "U-s" and capitalizes the "I-s"
Deafens the ear so mercy's plea cannot be heard.
Petrify the knees and man can't bow
And only leaves the tongue to speak commands
One sip and men of honor stumble
Weakling knock down walls of justice with a blow
For instance Hitler tipped the cup of might
And palmed a mighty nation in his hand
Posing before the Gods; he fell beneath the load
And spattered innocent blood across the globe
Once this evil cup is tilted
To set it right belittle the strength of man
Till red corpuscels of truth and justice
Immune and fade to watery might
Then one day at some unexpected hour
The hand that shaped the universe strikes him down
The content of the cup deface the fertile land
And leave a heap of ruin on barren soil.

by Henry Jackson

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