CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Power Animal

forest wraps us in it's deep lush
cacoon of greens, browns, intermintent
rays of sunshine dancing through canopy
above, emerald pools unknown depths,
refreshes, replenishes vital spirit, earth
energy, grounding center, here in Bethel maine
our magiks work together, you my feminine
counterpart, undertake, with our closests
friends to embark on arduous journey,
into a realm Iv'e only glimpsed at in my
youthfull age.
Spirit you seek to ask which resonates
harmonyously with my own, our hands glasped
our hearts willingly bound, delve further
sudden voice, echoes through my body
know instinctively of your being
subcounciously have courted you in
lucid dreams, I inept in your tounge
inward fathoms scream to ask you to share
with me some presious time along lifestream
majestic whale I mimmic your heartsong,
feeling fullness, intrinsicly feel your
ka'serendipitously acknowledge, in this
moment our work concludes, take you with me
in all my sences renewed..

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