Power In Prayer

Prayer is the language of the spirit
Paul tells in Ephesians 6
It’s more than just a petition
or to get a holy fix.
All manner of prayer and petition
means there is more to do
that just to ask for what is a need
rather find out the rest that is true.
The prayer of command in Jesus Name
shatters the enemy gates,
It is a position of demand,
one the enemy hates.
It is not at a whim that you do it
but as you have learned His voice
His power comes through it
the enemy has no choice.
Believers have authority
like a cop who holds up his hand
Power is behind the words
when you speak forth His commands.
Jesus Name is not like a charm
that just anyone can use,
The seven sons of Sceva came to harm
when His Name they abused.
They tried to cast a demon out
He left them naked and beaten up.
They found what His Name is NOT about
something you can casually strut.
Tread upon serpents and scorpions
all the power of the enemy,
Superior to all- Inferior to none
His name gets victory.
No weapon formed against us shall prosper
That is the word of God to His own
Yes, there are weapons formed
that shall fail
We never walk alone.
Very secure is God’s servant
He is always near
He is always observant
There is no need to fear.
This is no light weight war
Heavy weights are trying to win
Defeat is what they will get
When they continue with their sin.
The sword of the Lord
goes forth from our mouth
When we speak the words He says,
Observe the mountains crumble
and barriers rip away.
Jesus is the Name above all names
He alone is to be worshipped
God has an agenda in this day
He'll take care of those with cross-purpose.

October 31,2005

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