Power Of Onward

Poem By Naked Think

I read many poets and philosophers in my life, everyone says there is no remedy for memories, there is no remedy for chaos.
We humanity are prison of our own minds, we are prison of our own thoughts and depression.
Truth is this we humans have no limits but we create limits with our own chaos and memories.
There is some intelligent people's, who create one word which we call ' Onward '.
Yes Onward is a simple word in your dictionary but this is not a simple word.
This word had too much power this word can change your life, this word is come from other dimension, i am not talking about mathematical space, i am talking about that dimension which rumi use in his poetry, i am talking about that dimension which iqbal use in his poetry.
This is the word which gives us strength and power, I can't give you the wine of beauty and power, i can't teach you the philosophy of life, i can't teach you the poetry of god, you're the master of your own body and mind.
I just want to say don't think about your yesterday don't think about your past, just learn something from your past, but think about your tomorrow, yeah in some moments time not exits dreams not exits, but always believe in onward, always believe in yourself and always believe in hope.

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A refined poetic imagination, N.T. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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