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Power Stage-Cauchy3
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Power Stage-Cauchy3

Power stages….
Window deity got our eyes.
Elixir cups have drops of grapes.
Planets airs are burnt in skies.
Violent some are kings to march.

Coverable debts are bent ex-powers.
Allow by acts admit to some.
China leaders got the calls.
Gold on shows are lemon faces.

Remit retake are easy powers.
Loves on stocks are empty takes.
Mall of copied their little loves.
Plays on ranges are elbow tasks.

Free to lunch are rocket moons.
Free on hands are power prompts.
Above on hands as pass our books.
Thematic falls are going fold.

Narrow minds fight on length.
Length as wises are bare to might.
Short on cuts are odd to ends.
Power stages have counts on lights.

Pay the ranges are leader arms.
Jacks are good but jacks aren’t safe.
Take by power fix by mirrors.
Power stages have counts on lights.

Darken flames have blown our images.
Blow by blow our czar have radius.
Dogs under have empty bones.
Toss up winning all are worlds.

Got the myths are like the mirage.
More and more as times are fair.
Evils colors soft are ribbons.
Laissez faire is near to lairs.

Goody meals are good for animals.
Deans on dens have moneys again.
China minutes take our fires.
Orders repeated are white but thin.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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