Power To Pause Time

How would you if one morning from sleepworld retract
Would you learn that's in your power how would you react?
You have power to pause time more money to transact

Use the Creator's stopwatch for clients and colleagues to pause
The ultimate power to cancel all men's great laws
Power to halt days and seasons just because

To enrich your days in a second for them sold
Pause time and gather for you investments worth gold
To put all your enemies for once in the cold

Stop seasons for once with no one knowing at all
Time would be at your feet awaiting your call
Would you for pride and glory all this stall?

You see if you stop at the right time of day
Make silent your mind and heart rate at bay
More you realise you have over time a great say

Money and sex motivates most of what we save
Or if you want it occupies you from cradle to grave
Prevent these two arms of the clock make you their slave

Pain from attachment to either will prevent
To later many decisions you're sure to repent
Meet a world where you're the only mind bent

The masses are rushing upstairs more gold gain
Ones who later ask time to take away pain
You see in the end no one else your mind will train

Hold the pause button tight and feel the illusion
Dear friend how it melts and others swallow delusion
Today again you had a second to pause into exclusion

Arno Le Roux 20l4

by Arno Le Roux

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