Powerful You Are

You are beautiful
Gifted individual
Born natural
And perfect animal

We all are wonderful
To shine and be successful
As man, you perform wonders
As woman, you always dedicate and surrender

Such an impossible role
You respond to unbelievable call
Stand like rock in family
Look after all with skill and ability

You are not given respite
And always on move to fight
Struggle against odds
With no more worries to add

You are perfectly placed
And blessed
To overcome any hurdle
You life is full of struggle

So all believe
And live
Under your protection
With kind action

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Can't get past the sexism Aimee Lowenstern7 hours ago Love the first stanza. Can't get past the sexism.
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that's a very nice blessing. 9 hours ago by hysterical weaver to Powerful you are
nice one! 8 hours ago by G. AKANJI OLANIYI to Powerful you are
You are beautiful Gifted individual