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Powlett River
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Powlett River

Those old sandhills must have been here forever in other words for an eternity
They stand like silent sentinels in the sunset by where Powlett waters crawl to join the sea
And in the distance the rumbling of the surf waves I love this place far more than words can say
If there's a heaven am I bold to mention that from heaven's gate here is not far away.

Were I a poet I'd write of Powlett river a peaceful place close to Wonthaggi Town
In late November on a bright Spring evening at eight thirty just as the sun goes down
A lone fisher man on the river bank his line has cast and he patiently waits for a fish to bite
No doubt he too like me loves Powlett river alone with Nature and the peace and quiet

The first people who lived here hunters and fishers and their bond to the coastal lands was strong
They had lived here for centuries and centuries the people who were known as Bunurong
'Tis said a few of their descendants live at Phillip Island just a shadow of the race that used to be
If you wish to know the true history of Gippsland you have to learn about their history.

On the Nature strip by the caravan park the rabbits nibbling
on a perfect ending to a perfect day
And if by chance there is a place called heaven then heaven's gate from here not far away,
A pale sunset some say a change of weather tomorrow we may get some needed rain
And every time I visit Powlett river it's just like meeting an old friend again.

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