I Remember

I remember you told me you Love me.
I use to think you was lying to me.
I remember the first time we kiss it was just like magic.
I remember like it was yesterday.
I remember are first time it was like vanila ice.
I remember you told your Mother you Love me,
She ask you are sure she the right one for you,
He said, yes.
His mother ask him what kind of girl she is.
H e said mom she support me all of choice.
She ask him are you going to ask her to marriage you
He said yes mom.
He came to me ask me to marriage him
I said no.
I remember I was under age.

by Karmy Love

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Comments (2)

Wonderful wordplay, my friend. Keep writing and I'll keep enjoying...
Yes! ! ! ! lol Poet Dragon, more of this please. It reads brilliantly out loud. Real pace and power to your pen. You male poets get it so easy! lol It's true. 10 from grinning, practicing for death like a woman possessed! Tai