MZ (22 April,1978 / India)

Praise On The Day I Was Born

Praise on the day I was born
Praise on the night I was conceived
Turn that day into festival
Never again let darkness prevail on it
A day of joy & bright sunshine
Make it a fertile & satiable night
Keep the morning star from declining
Give that night a hope of eternity
Praise that night for letting me be born
For bringing me to life & happiness
I wish I had born thousand times in my mother wombs
or never died after the moment I was born

Once a message came quietly
So soothing I could hardly believe
I wake up like from a sweet dream
I kneel down & prayed
My whole body wrapped by fragrances
A light breeze touched my face
And my hair bristled with breeze
I could feel Aura of HOLY presence
I couldn’t lift my face out of respect
Then I heard a voice out of the silence
Thy LORD is hearing … say….

My Lord, Thou Art the Omnipotent
My art the weakest
My Lord Thou Art the Omniscient
My art the ignorant
My Lord Thou Art the Omnipresent
My art the dust
Without Thine aid, My Lord
I will wrong myself & go stray
Put my heart straight
Put away evil & wrong

All troubles will fade from mine memory
Like floods that are past and remembered no more
My life will be brighter then Sunshine at noon
And life’s darkest hour will shine like the dawn
Thou Art full of hope
Very thought of Thine
Very hope of Thy presence calm my pain
I pray & prostrate to Ye, Exalted ONE
I have cried until my face is red
And my eyes are swollen & circled with shadows
I wished time elapses between Dust & Holy One
Thy Presence, my LORD
Heals my wound & soul
Now I walk the road, I want no return
Now I lament no more like a widow
But my heart sings with joy

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