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Cjhapter 10. Call For An Ambulance
(20 June 1952 - / Kolkata / India)

Cjhapter 10. Call For An Ambulance

I decided to go and tidy my room
Gave it a quick sweep with the broom
I went to throw an old coat away
Oh my word, no bloody way!
There was my locket from years ago
Should I throw it away? Oh god no!
Though mum was not right in the mind
Wicked, evil, cruel and unkind;
It was the only gift she had presented
And for all I knew she could be dead
Call me daft, call me mental
But I can be quite sentimental
So I put the locket around my neck
And it was still as itchy as heck
I swore I would never take it off again
And from removing it I would refrain

I decided to relax and lay on my bed
As I had a banging, aching sore head
There was a smell in the room, it smelt rotten
So the wearing of my locket was soon forgotten
My heart was beating really quickly
And I was feeling really sickly
A loud noise came from outside my window
So I opened it and peered below
Louise was running past the garden gate
Running with Annmarie, her mate
I silently cursed and wished her dead
And for a few seconds I turned my head
What happened next was like a bad dream
I turned my head to a piercing scream...
Louise was impaled on my gate's metal spikes;
Lying next to her were two racing bikes
Louise's two feet were barely touching the floor
Being supported by the spike embedded in her jaw
Annmarie was sobbing and crying
Louise was so pale, looked like she was dying
A kid shouted 'It was an accident
To crash into her was not meant.'

Louise was loosing blood, her face was grey
I could see her life slipping away
The look of pleading in her eyes
Her body shaking, her weakening cries
She was dying there on the rails
I just stood there taking in the details
stood leaning on the window sill
Didn't move. I just stood still
I just stood gawping at the scene created
And in a strange way...fascinated
I watched the blood run down her chin and arm
I knew she had done some serious harm
Her feet suddenly started to slip
From the ground they lost their grip
She started to splutter, she started to cough
As her jaw was half ripped off
I could see her eyes rolling to the top of her head
If she didn't receive help soon, she'd soon be dead
I opened the window and stuck my head out
'Call for an ambulance, ' I heard Annmarie shout
I didn't know why I felt it, I don't know why
But deep down I wanted Louise to die
I heard a voice screaming in my head
'That little cow deserves to be dead! '
I saw Louise's body begin to quiver
Down my spine ran a shiver;
I knew Louise's life was failing
In the distance I heard a siren wailing

'The ambulance is coming' I heard Annmarie hark
Then all I remember is the room going dark
Next thing I remember was waking up in bed
Mum stroking my hair saying 'Louise is dead'
When the room went dark, I must have hit my head on the floor
Because my head was extremely sore
Sore wasn't the word as it hurt so much
Yet strangely...not to the touch
The next few weeks passed in a blur
All I kept seeing was images of her
Images of Louise's torn face
Blood and flesh dripping all over the place
The headaches and images were driving me insane
I thought I had a blood clot on the brain
My mental health needed some attention
So I sought out medical intervention
I explained to the doctor my situation
He recommended that I take a vacation
By I didn't want to go away
I didn't want a holiday;
I just wanted to be on my own
Just wanted to be left alone

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Robert Frost

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physical love /////// nice
Infatuation leads to such thinking.........
My favourite favourite ever. Everytime I look at it, I fall in love with it again.
A very amusing comment on what so many mean when they say love. What a world it would be if when lovers said 'I love you, ' they didn't mean 'I own you.' Good work.