Praxis V Axis Pirouette

he ballet slipper with intellectual ribbon ties
Glittered with dullness and an infinite like
Of pink cup cakes and telephonists phoney
Helpfulnessnessness. Less is less after all
The athletic altitude male dancer scissored tights
And flashed on the grin of white lights
That gained him tumultuous rapport and applause
From the audience of lethargic fake appreciative bores
The bend, the kick, the twist, the contortion, the tuille
The end, the flick, the mist, the distortion, the fool
The courtyard of sentinel dancers in one motion
Brain power in one little florid flushed swirl of fairy
There is intelligence in the small and pretty me
Mandolin myriads and dryads in bead hidings
Flowering cascades of delicate toughness and clouds
Wishful empty fullness and out of time men in
Slim trousers. Similar to difference only inbetween
The two balustrades of heavenly concoctions
Fragranced in sheer flimsy wisps of voile and freesias
A man- a man from a man- born to not be at all
A dancing man whose wish wings go towards the moon
And reaches out for his one, his love, his dark angel.
Fantasia days, all lovely and too untouched by the
Earth. Magic caresses and tresses or lilac times
Torrid whirls of jewels not found down here
Lamisos, puria, dervigulos, baretuo, xevulos
Sparkle like spark sparkling fairy breaths foooo
Whispers of loud shattering leaps and whoops
As the dancers become their objects-they are the birds
They are the nature; the true beauty and mystery
Men of love, of light, curled up like the sun
Shining like a magic star so brilliant and mine
Yours are mine not yours are mine mine are not yours mine
Mind your manners, impeccable boy, must be velvet
And lots of neatly coiffured lace and then do your
Leapy thing high in the ether low in the mind
Medium middle fiddle scrape a tune then
Stroke the tune so it sounds all wonderously
Wonder. Awe and Thaw. Fast slow sizable
Paced kicks. And then it ends. Sigh.

by jasmine maddock

Comments (1)

I realy love this, Jasmine; it, well, dances. As a dancer, I think you capture so much of the feeling and wispiness of that whole world. I love the lines 'Wishful empty fullness and out of time men in slim trousers' and 'fantasia days, all lovely and too untouched by the Earth.' Poems in themselves. Truth be told, it would be much stronger without the first four lines. My opinion only; look forward to reading more from you.