Pray For Forgiveness

Poem By Arti Chopra

I wish things were different,
I wish it had not happened,
those memories of chilhood, the love we shared,
growing up together, but were we prepared?
you went your way and I went mine,
you had your little world, and I was making mine
and then just as I thought
everything was going fine,
came the biggest evil of all,
into our lives,
money, the root of all troubles,
you forgot all the values, principles, honour,
they vanished from your being,
and here I was, unbelieving, unseeing,
not able to swallow the fact you had changed,
money had got you in its vicious grip,
made you greedy, grasping and deranged,
was it worth it..the extra power that money brings.
yes it gave you all the extras, the meaningless things,
but what about the love, the caring, and the belonging,
its all finished now, reduced to a hopeless longing,
alas if only you had foreseen,
true happiness comes only with love and sharing...
someone whom prays daily for you, and is so caring,
now you are all alone, maybe you think you are happy and free,
but I can sense the loneliness, and I can with my mind's eye see,
that you are imprisoned forever in the tower of wealth,
a slave to mental unrest and ill health,
I can only pray to him to grant you peace,
ask his forgiveness and He will give you a new lease,
His heart is vast and his blessings manifold,
just pray to Him to take you into his fold,
and maybe one day things will work out all right,
and he will suddenly grant you an insight,
into what is life and what is love,
we have to answer to the God above.,
no one escapes his justice,
no one can get away free
and when you have realised the consequences of your actions,
I hope you will come back to me

Comments about Pray For Forgiveness

Excellent description of someone who just doesn't get it. They have different priorities - greed and self-gratification, maybe because they don't know any better. But part of us still wants to help them, even though they have to want to be helped first. That's the hard part of letting go. Heartfelt write, Arti. Linda
If he reads this and if he is there....... he has to come back. This is well written and has all the purity of romance within you. I admire the talent and skills that are displayed in between the lines. Good work indeed. Nothing but 10.

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