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Pray For Me, If You Wouldn'T Mind.

The life and strife of pain
Is tearing me away.
Sanding still between these walls
Holding on to all that matters is now lost
I try to wipe these tears away
But the fight is much too constant these days

You know each of us is broken somewhere deep inside
And we're really not that different when you strip away the pride
We've all got our struggles and chains that we can't break
And you never know the difference one simple prayer can make.

I guess I’m just too weak
To fall down on my knees
And talk to God
Please guide me, Lord, if you wouldn’t mind.

I’m standing still
But where do I go from here?
I'd rather run away
Than spend another day running out of tears.

I need a crutch to lean against,
I need a hand to hold,
I need your love,
Your shoulder,
And most of all your soul.
For purity brings strong faith, and God, I need it most.
Today is your day to save me.
Pray for me,
If you wouldn’t mind
Because Lord, I really need You, your Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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Be assured this poem is prayer and most who read it will echo that prayer as you request.