RS (06/06/1998 / Joda, Odisha)


When there's happiness all over
And the hope has died never
When the heart is full of dreams
No ear witnesses any scream
Of betrayal and envy
Of starvation and agony.
When the nature is safe
Distributing Agape
Every soul enjoys
The serenity it conveys,
No species is harassed
Righteous justice is passed
When knowledge is respected
No more talent is rejected
Every brain imagines
Of impossibles and wonders
Welfare all it ponders
When there's no urge to kill
Fraternity does fill
The humans and animals
Agree on a deal
To move forward
With honour to every word.
To that moment of eternity my lord,
Let my people awake.

by Rishav Sahoo

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nature is safe and we enjoy, good one