DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


Sunlight blazes in the heavens
moon reflects a sunlight paled
by gross matters' weak reflection
dimly through our clouded souls.
Stars meet eyes that are lifted
with hearts that are apt to fade
and yearn for all that's wanted
before we reach the waiting grave.

You give all; its life and glory
all shining in a vast array
of the many splendour'd natures
that we see here every day.
Without Your light so subtle
how could all this ever be?
In our darkness we need remember
all this is only You we see.

Grant that I may remember,
not stray far from Your light,
give me courage to surrender
walk with You throughout the night.
If I may ask just one thing of You
it is that I will be; always and forever
blessed with the certain knowledge
of Your light which shines in me.

by David Taylor

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