(1948 / OVER 400 POEMS SERVED! !)


Amid the flickering
shadows of the world,
the tapestry that has
no substance, but is
wholly sleight-of-hand,
except for Love,
let me know
and live for Love—
and dwell in the
unchanging depths,
from where the transient
play of waves
is beautiful.

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This time also you are no more exceptional from your passion that filled the depth of your heart, and may it remain still, till the end of your time and at the same time the God may listen to your prayer and the heart of others may be replete with the same affection for all other living things.
This sounds like utopia, a wonderful warm message to the world. Love Duncan
A prayer I either do say or that I'm trying to learn.
A small magical poem of love. I really like this one Max
This is lovely, Max...a keeper. If only that were everyone's fervent prayer, perhaps the world might be a safe place. Raynette