Prayer From The Heart

Father! May, I drop down at set of sun
And recount every task that I have done
Did I do anything that I can trace
Bring one single smile to one single face
Was my deed self-denying? Was my glance most kind?
Did it fall like sunshine that strengthens the blind?
If it did - this deed - though small - with it - I'm content
I may count that day special - a day - Blessed - well-spent
Did I cheer one heart by "yea" or "nay" of my brother - my sister
Did I help some needy soul - hear him say "Thanks! Mister"
Or did I lounge quietly by doctoring my blister?
And quickly become the world's worst insister
That my pain was intense - Life had thrown me a curve
Brought to mind harsh resentment for I did not deserve
What God had given - My spirit is riven
Oh God! I'm not praying for I have striven
To reach out for myself - Beseech for myself
Every word - every deed - my entire mind must not be ill-gotten pelf
Lord forgive me! - I want to admonish you
When my purpose should be to astonish you
My prayer life-style needs freshening up
I say enough - but don't pray enough - such a bitter cup!
I pray because Christians are supposed to
But I don't have prayer-power 'tis true
My prayer is not effective - It's routine
It is stale! Why I'm speaking to God
I'm in Heaven's throne-room so I wait for God's nod
I am speaking with The King of Kings
I am speaking with the Judge of The Living - praise sing!
I am speaking with The Judge of The Dead
I am speaking with The Universe's Lord - no dread!
I must direct my attention to God - not self
My word - my deed - my entire mind must not be ill-gotten pelf
Henceforth I'll jot down my prayer focus points
I'll read suggestive prayer books - no disordered joints
God! You are listening - getting ready to respond
God! You are awesome - Your power - your presence - no slough of despond
I don't want to stroll into your throne - but take toll
And be intimate with you - no shallow shoal
I must know what to say - How to pray
My prayer must be proper - Help my church to grow
Let me add God's scripture to rightful prayer - so
Take away human fear - Let me know you are near
I want to know you better - love you better
Serve you my best - obey you better- no regretter
Let me help meet necessities of all who need Jesus
Broaden my vision that I may cry-sigh-groan
Over troubled world circumstances! May I moan?
For the good are half bad and the bad are half good
Oh Father! I'm glad that your Word is our food

by Bessie S. Burkett

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A deep understanding to what we need to do... well done