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Prayer Got Me
(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Prayer Got Me

Poem By Cecelia Weir

Whether I return
To where I've been
Or whether its where I go.
I have a constant friend ahead
Its prayer I know you know.

Some say I live
On Mother's prayers
Despite what difficult show.
I thank God its ahead of me
Its present wherever I go.

Its nice to have
That joy within.
For prayer has paved the way.
To put it first in all I do
And it chooses what I should say.

Its by my faith
And devoted belief
Through prayer to Him I go.
To ask in righteousness anything
That my prayer life
In my behavior will show.

And when I pray
Being happy or sad
Its my blessing that Jesus is there.
To lean and depend upon
Thank God for creating prayer.

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