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Mighty Karora- - - - - - - - - - - - the creator of all life
With kangaroos down under- - - - - discontent is rife

You have given us legs- - with which we cannot walk
And ridiculous arms- - - - - -that draw sniggering talk

Then there is that silly tail- - - - -that gets in the way
And when we sit around- - -we look more like a dray

Why cannot we have legs- like goats, horses or cows?
Such a simple task- - you must have all the know how

We are only asking- - - - - - - to walk around on fours
And not to have to hop- - - - - -which we all do abhor
Give some thoughts to my prayer- - -all of us implore

by Loke Kok yee

Comments (4)

None is satisfied from what he got and prays for what he could not get. A beautiful poem.
Loke, i keep wondering how you manage to get such interesting pictures for your poems. They are unique. The poem is unique too. You are speaking on behalf of the Kangaroo, so discontent and unhappy, with the way their body is created. Wish they had normal legs and arms to move around freely! Enjoyed the poem, Loke! You are really humorous :) 10+++
Splendid photo. Some animals are NEVER satisfied, including many Homo sapiens. But what of its pouch? How convenient is that! But I think one with a pouch... Should also.... wear a BIG hat. Nice one, Bro. Bri :)
I thought kangaroos were atheists. : -) I enjoy your humorous poems with accompanying photos.