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Prayer-Slow Loris

No! No! I'm not praying, I'm an atheist you see
Rather embarrassing but I just fell from a tree

My legs not meant for walking and I'm slow on the floor
And it's not really helping with my butt rather sore

I'm only beseeching that you help me on the way
Put me on a branch please and without further delay

For predators are about that can take me with ease
While on a tree tall getting away will be a breeze

by Loke Kok yee

Comments (6)

I fear for the Slow Loris in this fast world of change you wonder how this little one survives. Hoping there will be a kind soul to return this little cutie back to his tree.
some Christians will imagine ANYTHING! ! ! (see Valsa's comment) . what predator would dine on such a cute critter? ME! legs' ? not in 'my book'. ok, maybe poetic license will allow it. bri :) lovely rhymes.
Though an atheist, he knows that God alone can save him from his peril and his hands are folded in prayer! Interesting.......!
An unique and wonderful poem..................................
Can you spare a dime for a forty-niner?
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