(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Prayers And Dreams Will Become Realities!

Humanity lives by faith against the disbelief of many;
They say all they can and ask for deliverance by prayers;
Will the prayers reach to whom that has been sent ever...?
Like radio transmission, TV telecast prayer reaches to Him!

It has been happening and even now it happens as a wonder;
Yes, the prayers of many people in the temples for rain
To Rain God, rain has also come to change drought situation;
It is indeed a miracle that is happening surprising all men!

Photometry, clairvoyance and telepathy are also facts ever;
Message transmitted by mind so reaches the persons concerned;
In the same way, prayers of many in a collective fashion have
Powerful impact to the One who loves all everywhere forever!

Prayers, all wishes and dreams of all are transmitted as
Electromagnetic or gravitational waves in the Space and that
Surely will have proper effect sooner or later when attended
By the Universal Spiritual Energy to turn them in reality...!

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A wonderful poem. Thoughtful. Congrats for POD.
prayers are mean to contact him directly. congrats
A wonderful poem with wisdom and insight. Each stanza stands out. Yes, prayers and dreams do wonders. A.well thought and conveyed write.
The wonder of a prayer and the power of positivity. Excellent write and words to save.
Prayers as electromagnetic waves transmitting the spiritual into reality, deep reflections, that are rich as they are absorbing, that faith is an antenna attuned to the divine is an interesting concept. Congratulations Ramesh! , that this fine poem was chosen as member poem of the day! , its philosophy is rewarding to the wider readership
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