Praying For Life

Praying for life to cease its existence,
fearing my words are not to be heard.

The sight in my eyes is repentance,
the demon inside me, commanding my word.

God has betrayed me,
as I live this lifeless death,

Only able to breathe,
knowing I may not rest.

Too weak to even cry,
for my life has been taken away.

Only able to let out a mournful sigh,
for my life back, I ask you to pray.

by Ryan Byford

Comments (2)

All I can say is very good..
I like this poem alot. Definitely one of my favorites. I suffer from depression to, poems help me explain my mourning. This poem has a really good purpose to it. It seems as if when you have sadness and depression the more ideas and words go through your head having you think of such words to speak, so in other words it could be as if help. Free Faller