(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Pre-Conditioned Missions

People see it not to ignore.
But remain disbelieving.
Refusing to accept.
Expect something from it to get.
To pass on that disbelief.
As if relieved,
From a stress kept believed.

People want what they don't need.
To get to then dismiss it.
Rejecting whatever it is.
If the ease of it is granted.
And handed to them without demanding.
People are displeased,
To discover others happy.
To discover them too joyful.
And too annoying to leave them be.

Tempted by a teasing.
Envisioned to have it wished.
These pre-conditioned missions.
Attracting many to the insignificance.
To then complain about it being insufficient.
Those with a 'Got To Have It Habit'.
Addicted to pre-conditioned missions.
Never ending to feel the mission,
Or the need of it felt complete.

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