(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Preachers Seated On Bleachers

High and mighty,
Spewing lofty prophecies.
Game preachers seated on bleachers,
Those with the best speeches,
Who forcefully speak as if...
They've come prepared with a remedy,
That promises to defeat...
The ones who have sweated,
Under heat for years.
With a doing to have done this,
Disguising heartbreak and tears.
Although scrutinized,
For how their undying devotion...
Since those seated with minds,
Can only hear the cheers.

Few self anointed,
Who have appointed themselves...
Judge, jury and authorities,
Have yet to catch a ball thrown...
Erratically to carry across,
A goal line to win.
And maybe it is time,
For those seated in the bleachers...
To discover and find,
Who has sacrificed...
With their best moves made,
Less self obsessed.
Just to protect the interests,
Of others.

That was close.
But we finally won.
When did it begin to rain? '

-It's been raining for sometime.-

'I never noticed it before.'

-Be careful what you ask for.-

'I asked for someone else,
Who better plays the game.
Not for rain.'

-It seems we all have underestimated,
The skills of others...
We sit and take for granted.-

'I can't believe how its pouring,
Cats and dogs.'

-Forget the cats and dogs.
Get use to the snakes and rats,
You cheered on to win!
They did.-

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