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Precautions For Advancing Years
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Precautions For Advancing Years

Poem By Valsa George

Each time I feel I am growing old
And directly or indirectly of it, I am told,
I tell myself-‘What is gone cannot be retrieved'
Though to me, old has ever been and always gold

You cannot reverse time's swift current
In its wake come sudden changes many
In dress, manners, concepts, values and what not
Do not oppose change, though it may annoy

With progressive intensity and constancy
You will lose your wit, sense and sight
So think before you speak, look before you leap
Lest you head into deep trouble straight

Friends, colleagues and even your own children
May grow disrespectful and indifferent
And may not consult you in matters vital
But try not to see it as a serious affront.

Weakness of the body will lead you to irritation
But control yourself and try to keep cool
If annoyed, keep away from the scene, do not interfere
‘Live and let live'- may it be the guiding rule

Eat not everything that tempts your palate
Control your food and restrain your urge
For your digestive system may break down
And you may soon become a pestering scourge!

Within your body may dwell a spirit, still so agile
(Though with age, your torso grows consistently frail)
Prompting you to youthful acts and deeds of daring
But remember, one false step can land you in peril

If your eyesight is not seriously impaired
Into the pages of good books you leisurely pore
They will open new worlds and amuse n' delight
And you'll never find those timeless tomes a bore

Or if you can string words in some coherent order
With weird fancies and a little imagination to accompany
Write poetry! Then none will see you an intruder
Wedded to solitude, you'll never groan for company!

Once with the Muse, nothing will ever disturb you
On fancy's wings, to magic lands you can easily commute
Swim across an ocean, climb a mountain or elope with a damsel,
Lost to the world, to all its fret n' fever…. so blissfully lost!

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Comments (21)

The poem seems to be written for people like me, bit old, bit frail, can read something and can write some; reminds me of the wonderful food I used to binge upon in my youth, but no longer now.I can string few words in fanciful manner and I think of myself as a poet. It is a lovely poem! Solitude is ideal for poetry.
Age spends itself with no change left. Great write Valsa.++10
With advance age, changes are bound to occur within us as well as in the behaviour of others so far as they relate to us. As such, this is a stage when we need to re-calibrate ourselves. In dress, manners, concepts, values and what not Do not oppose change, though it may annoy So think before you speak, look before you leap
You have inspired me to write a poem and I am writing a few lines of the expected child as a comment- Brain leads to precautions and preventions, Heart says I have cure within me, Man is a blended with emotions and passions, Age is a model of mature within me. A nice poem...............10
Life is obviously a journey to death...... Still we can make the journey longer and more pleasant as the destination here is not that promising. The strength of your poem its openness in cordially out the ordeals of ageing and you have reminded many of your PH friends of the dos and donts to be considered while finishing the race of a gifted life. The only weakness of this poem [ if at all I have to refer to ] is its hypothetically diametric and presumably generalised attribution of an apprehensive equation of the so called ageing experience. Man irrespective of things commonly known to him, tends to be erratic about his eating habits and unaccountably fails in meeting the concerns of old age. Therefore alone, perhaps death surprises us and leaves us helpless. But despite all the care and the precautions taken, what next? It is a void of silent suffering still awaiting us as death has no substitution. Tajudeen Shah has rightly commented on the universality of the theme of the poem and its structural excellence and Kevin Patrick has drawn attention to its element of thoughtfulness. Further comments will be of no effect as such. Whatever be the measures taken, we see a world around us where men and women kick their buckets timely and untimely much to our surprise and shock with the only relief of learning from Shelley`s observation ' DEATH IS THE GREATEST LEVELLER. We have to spend our evening in all merry without excitement as the night ahead has got nothing to gift us with except its chill and absolute silence..