Precautions For Advancing Years

Each time I feel I am growing old
And directly or indirectly of it, I am told,
I tell myself-‘What is gone cannot be retrieved'
Though to me, old has ever been and always gold

by Valsa George Click to read full poem

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The poem seems to be written for people like me, bit old, bit frail, can read something and can write some; reminds me of the wonderful food I used to binge upon in my youth, but no longer now.I can string few words in fanciful manner and I think of myself as a poet. It is a lovely poem! Solitude is ideal for poetry.
Age spends itself with no change left. Great write Valsa.++10
With advance age, changes are bound to occur within us as well as in the behaviour of others so far as they relate to us. As such, this is a stage when we need to re-calibrate ourselves. In dress, manners, concepts, values and what not Do not oppose change, though it may annoy So think before you speak, look before you leap
You have inspired me to write a poem and I am writing a few lines of the expected child as a comment- Brain leads to precautions and preventions, Heart says I have cure within me, Man is a blended with emotions and passions, Age is a model of mature within me. A nice poem...............10
Life is obviously a journey to death...... Still we can make the journey longer and more pleasant as the destination here is not that promising. The strength of your poem its openness in cordially out the ordeals of ageing and you have reminded many of your PH friends of the dos and donts to be considered while finishing the race of a gifted life. The only weakness of this poem [ if at all I have to refer to ] is its hypothetically diametric and presumably generalised attribution of an apprehensive equation of the so called ageing experience. Man irrespective of things commonly known to him, tends to be erratic about his eating habits and unaccountably fails in meeting the concerns of old age. Therefore alone, perhaps death surprises us and leaves us helpless. But despite all the care and the precautions taken, what next? It is a void of silent suffering still awaiting us as death has no substitution. Tajudeen Shah has rightly commented on the universality of the theme of the poem and its structural excellence and Kevin Patrick has drawn attention to its element of thoughtfulness. Further comments will be of no effect as such. Whatever be the measures taken, we see a world around us where men and women kick their buckets timely and untimely much to our surprise and shock with the only relief of learning from Shelley`s observation ' DEATH IS THE GREATEST LEVELLER. We have to spend our evening in all merry without excitement as the night ahead has got nothing to gift us with except its chill and absolute silence..
Dearest Valsa I thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational, witty and insightful poem, perfectly written, on an important subject.
I love the last two stanzas in which you give a perfectly reasonable and strikingly liberated rationale for poetry writing. Unlike the many actions and activities you warn about earlier in the poem, poetry writing does not have those perils. The body justs sits and takes dictation from the Imagination which does all the heavy lifting. I certainly don't LIKE TO THINK about ageing, but... As Beethoven wrote above the theme of the last movement of his last string quartet - MUST IT BE SO? and then in the next measure YES, IT MUST BE SO. Only a few beats separate the question from the answer. And so it goes..
You provide an excellent summary on the trials and tribulations of the bane of mortals, growing old. When reading this I could not help but get a mixture of melancholy mixed with humor, your words painted some harsh truths but at the same time they are amusing, (especially the eating stanza, you can be any age and indulge just a little to much,) . But no matter how melancholy your subject was, for me the humor and determinism were stronger. Perhaps you might loose your looks, and wits and even guile, but if you still have your sense of humor, perhaps that will help ebb the tide of time. An excellent poem marked by a thoughtfulness that makes one think. A keeper
Dear ValsaJi, I am very sad and worried about not the poem, its style or content, its purpose or powerful permeation into my thought domain, then what? I feel like you have defeated me with a very specific plan, a well-woven, premeditated strategy. Last two days, I have been boiling this thought within me, not about getting old, or the carefulness to maintain, or the cautions, and negatives that one might expect, it was all the opposite, But, here reading your verse makes me sad, my SELF is asking me not to pen now. hahah, smile. Well, anyways, your poem reveals the absolute realities of human generations as they march ahead the varied seasons of nature unto the absolute abode; grave This has turned a shocking reminder to all who are lucky to read this wonderful piece of severe poesy. I still love to think over, and add my version of thought to it, but trying to be moderate lest your admirers might puff me off unto oblivion with their fret-gust. (request, i was sad noticing that some of my verses were not read or reviewed by even my limited fellow poets. what i did, took just 4 lines from one of my old poems, and developed it to establish a universal pain/complain. posted, please read twice and comment sharp and honest how you feel. Would highly appreciate your soul set while reading) 'Perseverance Measuring'. thanks and rgds.
Beautiful poem Valsa. I agree with all the information you have messaged through this poem. Really, its the best time to follow ones hobby and stay away from any unwanted talks. Writing poem is the best way, or reading where our mind is always kept engaged, rather than just sitting and watching anything in T.V. Special care for diet and not to indulge in any daring activities. Beautiful message and loved the way you presented it.
A lovely informative poem with a view to lead a peaceful life.Before saying or acting on an issue to think in a patient way. Never to lose passion and not to get perturbed anyway.
Each time I feel I am growing old, this is definite truth in life. But I the self remain energetic. Very wonderful poem composed and shared. Nicely penned with inspiration.
Inspirational write with great insight and sound advice to never lose our passion for life and poetry is food for our souls! Great write!
Inspirational write with great insight and sound advice to never lose our passion for life and poetry is food for our souls! Great write!
poem for aged...reminder for youth....a poem for all.....great work
A very inspiring piece scripted diligently with really wonderful lines......Valsa......amazing write...every line touching and inspiring.....10/10
A relevant poem on old age and how to spend the life through values.
Advice for advancing age are beautifully put together. your own children..may not consult you in matters vital There is no matter where the old can advise the youth. In fact at times old need to consult the young. But old think that they need to be consulted, which may be a wrong expectation.. Within your body may dwell a spirit, still so agile The spirit still says. Playing a game, the spirit orders the body to jump leading to a disaster. Take a slow step and follow the advice. Write poetry! Beautiful advice. I think that is what I am doing. Hope to follow it and enjoy the years. Thank you.
A lovely counsel for those who are gracing sunset years. Thank you.
It's also a good idea to have an easy hands-on hobby like paper-folding or knitting or something in case your mind goes before your body. Great advice delivered in a pleasing poem.