AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Precious Child

Precious child,
It was a difficult choice I had to make,
So I will try to make the best of my mistake.
You came in my life, too soon for me,
A parent, I was not ready to be.
I got myself into a bad situation,
Could not resist that strong temptation.
Bad decisions led me to this,
This is chance I will not miss.
I will take this chance, to let you go,
To a family of strangers, I do not know.
You will be better off with them, you'll see,
Then you would ever be with me.
I just could not take care of you,
The way a parent is supposed to do.
One day the truth will come out,
& you will know what this is about.
Then, I hope, that you will see,
I did this for you, not for me!

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