SB (August 10,1990 / Port Angeles, WA)

Precious Moments

I'm taking the time
And I'm looking back
To see how I've come and grown
I'm looking at all the
Precious memories that have shown:

Every single step I've taken
You've been right by my side
From infancy to the 'dark teenage years'
We've stood this test of time

You've both cradled and nurtured me
Throughout the many years
You held me and comforted me
Through happiness and tears

Every time I'd fall…you'd pick me up
Dust me off and then
Encourage me to get back on
The horse and ride again

You've shown constant care and loving,
And your warm inviting heart
It's always been my treasure
Which I will never depart

If I could be just half the person
That you have been to me…
Then you've done well mom
For in my heart I truly see

A woman whose most gentle soul
Embraces me each day
A woman I dearly love…
Much more than words can say

by Shayna Butcher

Comments (2)

Every child loves his/her mom. But few can express so beautifully. By the way- what u do? study or doing job? God bless you many more for a happy life. Thank you my child.
Lovely tribute to mom!