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HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))


Through the darkness it prowled
Careful not to make a sound.
Eyes full of intent
As it made it's decent.

The squeaking of the door
And creaking of the floor.
The shuffling of feet
The pounding of a heart-beat.

Time stops
And hope drops.
The air becomes restricted
Before pain is inflicted.

I'm wrapped up in my duvet tight
Unable to move, as riddled with fright.
The bed begins to sink
The alcohol on his breath is stale and stinks.

Tugging at my sheets
As he takes a seat.
'You need to be taught
And I won't be caught'.

I plead for him to stop
As he rips off my top.
I can't get away
And don't want him to stay.

Tears roll down my faced
As he whispers 'you're a disgrace'.
'You're gagging for it
And will love every bit'.

Looking out the window, focusing on the tree outside
Wishing I was able to run and hide.
He continues with his fumbles
As he moans and grumbles.

He sweats like a pig
He is too powerful and big.
He doesn't with-draw
To him, I'm just a dirty whore.

He pulls up his trousers and leaves
And I am just so relieved.
He sneaks back out
I want to scream and shout.

But I'm too scared
This secret can't be shared.
Nobody would believe me
Cause they are unable to see.

The images still flash before my eyes
I think they will til the day I die.
It's like I am back at that place
I can feel, smell, taste and still see his ugly face.

I try to bring myself back down to Earth
I wish I could destroy the memories of this perv.
Why is he still in my head?
Haunting my dreams whilst I'm asleep in bed.

He still seems to have control
And with him he took my soul.
Why can't I make this all go away for good?
How I wish and pray it would.

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