Among the mountains I wandered and saw blue haze and red crag and was amazed;
On the beach where the long push under the endless tide maneuvers, I stood silent;
Under the stars on the prairie watching the Dipper slant over the horizon’s grass, I was full of thoughts.
Great men, pageants of war and labor, soldiers and workers, mothers lifting their children—these all I touched, and felt the solemn thrill of them.
And then one day I got a true look at the Poor, millions of the Poor, patient and toiling; more patient than crags, tides, and stars; innumerable, patient as the darkness of night—and all broken, humble ruins of nations.

by Carl Sandburg

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I liked what you did to that :) Really good -Amelie
This has the potential to be pretty good. The final 2 lines are weak, imho. Ending up dead sounds trite, like a TV show. And the question at the end is not very original. Come up with a more original ending and I think you'll have something there. Cheers.
nice work here not done but done enjoyed the read
Interesting writing...