SCS (1991 / united states)


He's on the computer and he's talking to this chick
He's twenty, she's thirteen yeah, i know what your thinking
He's fucked up, he's sick, he doesn't even know this chick
I don't know what he's going for but it sure as hell ain't friendship
And when i think about it the answer is so clear
Chat sites are loaded with chicks that just disappear
And where they turn up after they get acquainted?
They don't, their kidnapped and tied in a basement
Predator on the move what you gonna do?
He has his eyes on you, yes, i fear its true
He could be hiding in the dark waiting for you
Don't turn your back he's an act
He's just trying to fool you

uhhh i'll finish it later

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Comments (4)

I liked what you did to that :) Really good -Amelie
This has the potential to be pretty good. The final 2 lines are weak, imho. Ending up dead sounds trite, like a TV show. And the question at the end is not very original. Come up with a more original ending and I think you'll have something there. Cheers.
nice work here not done but done enjoyed the read
Interesting writing...