(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Predators Perpetuating Misdeeds

Anyone who has ever spoken negatively,
About a friend or foe, close associate...
Family member or another relative.
Or even someone they did not know,
Participated, and 'maybe' unconsciously...
In the increase of today's conflicts.
That have resulted from a pettiness,
To have stirred the beginnings...
Of threats that have turned into violent crimes.

Whispered gossip to inflict wounds intentionally,
Do not sit without it being meant to victimize.
With a lifting from lips to create agitation.
To have that agitation lead to a seeking of revenge.
And the ones declaring their innocence,
Are often the predators perpetuating...
Misdeeds that escalate.
While looking for others to steam up to heat,
Until eyes glow to flame to show the gritting of teeth.
Instead of doing something constructive,
With a sharing of minds to find time that beneifts.
Not destroy.

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