IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Predestined? For My Lady Irene

Her eyes are like unto the sea
their colour changing constantly
Their beauty has ensorcelled me.
Try as I might I can’t break free.

The lady is quite innocent
I must absolve her from intent
I met her gaze by accident.
But the effect is permanent.

I was not searching for romance
but captivated by her glance,
I was resolved to take a chance
to change my future circumstance.

Was I a fool to entertain
the faintest hope that I might gain,
the lady’s heart or live in pain
and still a bachelor remain

The burning question had to be.
What did the lady think of me?
and could she possibly agree
to dare to share her life with me.

Although we think we have free will.
Mother Nature has the skill
to create plans we must fulfil.
So we obey or foot the bill.

Regretting that we did not do
what Mother Nature meant us to.
It seem the lady felt this too.
An old, old tale forever new.

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Full of passion and pathos, this poem is poignant and perfectly crafted. It is also educational - I owe you a huge thank you for 'ensorcelled' - what a magnificent word! S :)