But Cultures

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

Are you subtle or coy this windy day
Your hint of presence delayed by clouds I say
But there is enough light to give me a mission
Purity of thought; that needs no revision.

Two giant islands guarding the entrance to a tomb
When in reality they are, just part of our earthly room
Silent ships at anchor casting their nets
The day just beginning and no fish as yet.

More and more light to enhance our view
My God, My God, it is really you
The full moon with its shadow of land
Rather it is a mirror from something even more grand.

Streaks and blotches of mauve appear through the clouds
How beautiful, bountiful and to live in this nation proud
The fishing boat is rapidly leaving as if it did know
A day is not to reap but also one to sow.

There is a hint of what is to come
Because of, to, and for; our earthly sun
The edges of the cloud are luminescent with light
Not seen is a oneness of the mirror bright.

It exercises its strength by moving the clouds away
To lift up the shade for another good day
The birds squawk and scream as a voice in motion
A promise from out of a promise and earthly devotion.

All light is exposed to form an outline of the vision
The circleis not a circle if there is any division
The rays come forth through the burning hole
Truly representative of what and is; a picture of our soul

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