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Dead Are My People
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Dead Are My People

Poem By Khalil Gibran

You are 'here' to stay...

I appreciate that thought,
But there is something you ought to know.
I have no intention of offering my time,
Watching the processing of your endeavor!
You 'are' here,
Until whatever this is we share is over!
That's it!
IF it goes beyond month...
Both of us will be stunned and amazed,
That either one of us is still here!
I am born under a 'fixed' sign.
And I am needing a lot of fire to share my 'air'!
You have a lot of Earth and can be mutable.
We sizzle!
And that's hot!
We both like that alot!

We could just make this a monthy contract?
With a daily renewed screwing enjoyed?
Agreeing to keep our meetings fresh...
Disregarding your predicted addiction!

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