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FK Frederick Kesner (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)



TO those who have found themselves within the perimeters of my demesne - - - you will not know me well enough for complete communion is not possible between mortals.

And to those who do not know me at all - - - there will always be WHY.
Why's are essential. They are the first morsels of knowledge which may be,
if used properly, the building blocks of understanding. Though there may be few answers, those that we may find should help further reveal why a person is the sort of person they are.

The reason I do and say things the way I do and say them is because I AM. Reasons. Reasons stem from a progression of causes, effects, and consequences interwoven. These in turn make up the ingredients to the answers to our Why's. And they will hopefully become more apparent as you proceed through this book.

This book, if anything else, may just be an embarrassment. But the effort and the giving of it is worth than words. Its value lies beyond the words that make its physical wholeness. And for all their worth, the words that once faced threat of wilful destruction are preserved here.

Most of these pieces were not meant to see print. But why not? Thousands of hacks and pseudo-artists make millions out there each day, when all I am doing is making a gift of what I can trully and sincerely offer.

Erich Kessner
Jagdschloss Olirdon
14 October 1990


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