Preferences To Expect

Chase we do.
Our many wishes to dream.
Without stopping to consider.
If we had missed,
One or two while in pursuit.

Often we set our eyes much too high.
On preferences to expect.
Wasting time on a daily basis.
Eliminating from a list.
Checked to inpect.
And rid what no longer,
Seems for us that perfect fit.
To not realize until time passes.
What had been overlooked,
In a want to get and chase.
Since changes occur.
And suddenly that want to wish,
Develops into a need.
Wanting to get.
Replacing preferences to chase.
Erased from a list.
To find the daily checking of it,
Pointless when our needs to believe...
Are much more important.
To know them and keep prioritized.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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