Preferred Diversity

Long before expression became a competition.
And considered a sport of opinions made.
There were those who used writing as a way,
To communicate their thoughts and feelings.
With them shared to exchange ideals.
They were then named penpals.
Pals who probably decided to publish their comments.
As time passed,
Someone thought it would be great to rate them.
Labelling what was read to be prose.
A poetic way to give to them meaning.
A genre to allow an ongoing rambling.
Who knows.

"Let's have them rated.
Discussed and debated.
Let's then select which ones.
Best reflect a collected demographic done."

Expressions to rate.
Whether poetry, prose.
Or comments made to publicly present.
Go through a review and screening process.
To protect those who may become upset.
By expressions made they might not accept.
Which today could be called 'preferred diversity'.
With a bit of political correctness.
To ensure a profiling that is policed takes place.
Guaranteeing an expression today one makes,
Does not offend those only a few know...
Are status quo.
The ones who restrict to their permitted limits.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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