Pregnant Chads

The election was over, ballots counted twice
George Bush, certified President, looking nice
Every vote must count, Al Gore said
Hand count the ballots before we go to bed
So Al Gore started counting pregnant chads
He wanted to be President really bad
He asked Dade county to set him free
He said, please hand count 1-2-3
George Bush said, you are doing it wrong
Please stop counting and go back home
A judge said, the law is clear and fine
Don't count the ballots, there is no time
David Boise had something to say
He instructed the Supreme Court to do it his way
The Florida Supreme Court said go ahead
and count the chads, that's what we said
The U.S. Supreme court said ' Not today.'
You are breaking the law, lets do it our way
Al Gore cried, I need one more pregnant chad to win
Smiling brightly, Monica said,
ask Bill Clinton, he's your man.

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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