Pregnant Pause

[For the record... even I find the choice and extent of the metaphor here really rather odd, and kind of intriguing]

I had shed my sheath by then,
absently, like a teenage boy
discarding a condom in a
wastebasket. I had done so
without hesitation; thinking it
no longer necessary, finding
it suddenly uncomfortable,
and feeling, unconsciously but
unquestionably, revolted by
the viscous part of myself that
seemed so needlessly trapped
inside it.

You were so perfect –

and I wanted desperately,
undeniably, entirely,
to press myself, perfectly,
into you.

I, utterly uninhibited

unprotected, exposed,
laid myself bare to your perfection –
complete in my desire to bear
as much of you as you’d offer -
oblivious to any reason
I might wish

I felt the truth grow
inside me as the days passed
to weeks and weeks became
Swollen with expectation,
expanding in ways both
new and terrifying,
I became the womb
where love’s progeny
would linger without benefit
of a name.

And still, unshielded,
vulnerable, apparent,
I carry
your tomorrow
within me

and wait.

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Comments (10)

lovely write..very expressive
Christine wonderful work... gowing loving deep within... i am that child...
Enjoyed the use of metaphors (?) in this poem, and the end leaves us wanting more, like some of your others I've just read. -chuck (p.s. I've one.. 'When you're least expecting...' if you'd care to peek? (I'd considered this very same title))
'...I became the womb where love’s progeny would linger without benefit of a name....' metaphor odd...but beautiful and fitting in the context of the poem here...the last few lines completing the touch...ten votes
Oh, Christine... you convey your feelings so well, that even though you find it odd it rings very true. As a man unable to father children it rings very poignantly- the depth of feeling & openness to the stranger within mark this as a poem worth revisiting again & again. Thank you.
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