Pregnant Smile

Poem By Maureen Alikor

lips shuts,
the wide grin.
That deceptive curve.
on your face;
which to all
is most beautiful.

But to you,
speaks volumes.
Hides stories,
covers uncovered pains.

That smile,
that soothes a wailing heart.
Deep within,
pregnant with questions.
Seeking answers,
with none at sight.

That smile.
but a cave it is,
hiding the fears,
adorned by many.

The smile-bearer,
loved by many,
wanting more of what is given,
willing to remain so hidden.

That smile;
the balm that heals.
A sweeterner,
that makes many merry.

That smile,
pregnant with years of yore,
wrapped in swaddling clothes of hope.

That smile.
Yes, it is the same.
owned by few,
loved by many,
and treasured by millions.

Pregnant indeed, it is.

Comments about Pregnant Smile

You captured the intimacy and essence of the PREGNANT SMILE. As I read the first stanza the poem l caught myself trying to mimic the smile. I have always said that to write a good poem, the articulation, insight, penning; are more important than the subject matter. A lovely poem subtly penned, your poem. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

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