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Prejudice Haiku

At an early age
hatred is taught to children
by bad parenting.

Children can respect
all races and religions
when parents teach love.

Children in the park
play together peacefully
where race matters not.

Children learn to hate
by observing their elders
actions not their words.

The ten commandments
are taught to Jews and Christians
but both forget them.

We teach our youngsters
'Peace on earth, goodwill to men'
but practice hatred.

Two seats on the bus.
I sit next to the black man.
I am prejudiced.

I am prejudiced
'cause I choose on the basis
of color of skin.

In a perfect world
we would see only people
not color of skin.

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Prejudice theme(-in form) , a message nature would like, and people should.
Bravo Loretta, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these very true Haiku's. Haiku is one of my favourite forms of poetry and I think you did a fantastic job on them. Excellent choice of subject, we must get the word out there in the hope that one day soon, prejudice will not exist. A big (10) from me.--Melvina--