All Just Within The Reach Of Your Arm.

This love between you and me clamors to be bound in a new life song
No more words hanging heavy between us in a throng,
No more talks through wavering smiles, sighing looks and sweet shame and pain,
No more strewing songs like petals down your path in vain,
No more wooing Hope with the dagger of faith and prayer,
No more stumbling in your footsteps but to march with you, hand in hand, every step,
This love between you and me clamors to be bound in a new life song.

You spoke to me in all my joys and sorrows, now come wear the garland of their songs,
They have tutored me in the language of jingles and tinkles, as I come donning the bride’s heavy silk and gold, my body soars in a flutter of its own.
My bangles and trinkets lay claim over your heart to color each day like the deepening henna tint on my palms.
Prepare and rejoice in the thought of marriage vows each resplendent as the jewels,
To the thudding drums in our hearts, to the deep resounding conches of our memories, the trumpets of resilience claim their victory.
To the cymbals of strife awaken the sleeping passion, let the lute sweep shore less delight to envelop us, let them pay tribute greeting us in the silence of our names.
Thus let us walk in the drifting procession of stars that explode with fulfilled dreams to sprinkle our path with dusted gold wrought from heartless hours that eluded us.
Perfumes and flowers shower each holding moment that bound us. Incense, sandal wood paste and scented powders throw fragrances of our smoldering ardor.
With holy lamps lit, amidst rain of petals, let me arrive veiled in the coyness under your gaze. Till your love is hung around my neck like a bridal pendant solemnized by the ceremonial fire cleansing and binding us in holy rites knotting our arms in that celestial embrace, inseparable.
Thus in the tug and pull of your arms I shall live my seasons,
- - All now just within the reach of your arm.
This love between you and me clamors to be bound in a new life song.

by Seema joglekar

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