WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

Prelude Doux De Marque 1

Look how they perform upon the stage
Darkness portrayed, relayed and replayed

Over and over, hypnotic to some
Prelude Doux De Marque Number 1.

The lights they are dimmed
as the play does commence

In masquerade costume
there is no recompense,

for the audience there,
sitting this night,
watching in wonder,
in the dim of the light.

A comedy yea,
to some it shall be
In masquerade costume
their act is for free.

Yet the only thing they want
from thee
is thy blood in its entirety.

Tragedy, such a mystery,
reveals their faces
for all to see.

Reveals the truth
behind the masques
reveals the evil
of their past.

Not true, one might say,
yet they lure you in
to their Play for Today.

Lure you in, as you stare at the stage
Lure you in to their act relayed
to your eyes and ears.

Such a prelude indeed -
for what is to come -
a scarlet feed.

Background music,
as the harpsichord plays
Comedy and Tragedy upon the stage.

The prelude is over, the play begins
Scene 1 Act 1...WON'T YOU

All Rights Reserved

by Wayne Leon Learmond

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